Safe efficient battery system based on advanced cell technology


Welcome to BATSS, a 3-year Horizon EU project at the forefront of battery innovation. Our mission is to transform the European battery value chain with safer, more efficient, and sustainable battery systems for transport and mobile applications.

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What sets BATSS apart?

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Based on the MacroCell modular concept, we build tailored Battery Systems (BS) to be demonstrated in our use cases through a prototype that defines BS requirements for improved safety.

Use cases


BATSS combines thermal, mechanical, and electrical innovations with cutting edge modelling/simulation tools to ensure continuous improvement of the Battery System across all fronts.




End-of-Life solutions

Our results

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Whether you’re a researcher, industry professional, or policy maker, there are countless opportunities to get involved with BATSS. Explore our website to discover the project use cases, our partners and related initiatives, the latest updates, deliverables, and publications. Together, we will shape the future of sustainable transport!

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