BATSS consortium holds successful General Assembly at CIE Automotive facilities in Spain

Amorebieta-Etxano, Spain – June 12, 2024 – The BATSS consortium held a productive General Assembly at the CIE Automotive facilities in Spain, marking a significant milestone in the project’s first six months. This meeting brought together partners to review progress, discuss advancements, and plan future activities.

During the assembly, the consortium reviewed the progress made in the areas of thermal, mechanical, and electrical innovations, as well as safety and circularity concerns of the battery system. Key achievements included the definition of the battery system requirements by FPT Motorenforschung, as well as the completion of the cell electro-thermal preliminary model by IFP Energies Nouvelles, crucial milestones for the project’s development and success.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for partners to discuss and plan the next steps of the project, addressing potential risks to ensure awareness for the upcoming phases. The discussions included possible strategies for effective collaboration, industry challenges, and opportunities for further innovation.

In addition to the assembly, participants had the chance to visit the Fundación CIE Automotive engineering offices at the Automotive Intelligence Center, offering further insights into the practical applications and engineering excellence driving the project.


BATSS (Safe Efficient BATtery SyStem based on advanced cell technology) is an EU-funded project aimed at developing a cutting-edge battery system that prioritises safety and performance. By focusing on innovative cell-to-pack modular concepts and addressing key industry challenges, BATSS strives to enhance battery technology for transport and mobile applications.

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